Whether this is your first trip to Yellowstone, or you’re a frequent visitor, a bus tour offers a lot of convenience for the money. A family with children, senior citizens, or just a single visitor eager to see the sites all benefit from taking a bus tour. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the experience.

The Green Way to Go

You’ll save money on gas and be kinder on the environment with a bus tour. The amount of fuel used and pollution produced by a bus full of visitors is less than if they had all driven their cars. You’ll be able to enjoy the ride without worrying about when and where to fill up with gas.

Let Someone Else Do the Driving

If you’re the driver of the family car on a trip, then you know how much you miss. While other people in the car shout and point at their latest wildlife find, you have to keep your eyes on the road. Staring into the rear view mirror to talk with the people in the back seat can be a literal pain in the neck. A bus tour lets you and the whole family enjoy the park and the scenery without being distracted by driving the car.

The Best Seat on the Tour

A car full of people have little room to move around. A long, slow scenic drive through Yellowstone can be tiring for your back and legs. Finding a place to stop to get out and stretch can be difficult during the busy season. Tour bus seats are roomy, comfortable and let you relax as you ride through the park. Your family has an easier time talking with each other. Seniors don’t feel as confined like they may if stuck in the back seat of a car.

A Safer Way to Tour

Tour bus drivers through Yellowstone are familiar with the roads, the traffic and wildlife. They know what to look for and what to expect. This is a safer way to tour the park than relying on your own ability to avoid a deer that jumps out in front of your car. If you round a bend in the road and see a bison standing in the middle of it, do you get out and move it or wait? Tour bus drivers respect the wildlife and know how to handle such situations.

More Fun, Less Frustration

Spending the day in the car full of family can become stressful. People get tired, hungry or have to make rest stops. By the end of the day, people can’t wait to get out of the car and away from each other. You’ll avoid that with a bus tour. Everyone has more space to stretch, relax and enjoy the view. No one will even mind if Grandpa falls asleep half way through the tour.

Consider a Yellowstone bus tour on your next trip. Comfortable and convenient, you may see more than you ever did before driving through the park yourself.