Everyone is familiar with the traditional summer family vacation—the road trip across the country, the visit to a theme park, and the annual family reunion. However, why not think outside the scheduling box and opt for a winter vacation instead? The winter season is the perfect time for great outdoor recreation and, if you’re considering a trip to a national park, it can also be a great time of the year to avoid the crowds that come with warmer temperatures. If you’ve been considering taking your family to the Grand Teton National Park, here are four reasons why a winter safari through the park might prove to be a smash hit.

1. Majestic Scenery without the Crowds

            Try to get a glimpse of an attraction like Old Faithful over in Yellowstone National Park and it soon becomes obvious that everyone else in the area had the same idea. Touring one of these amazing national parks during the summer often means dealing with big crowds of tourists. This can make it harder to really enjoy the scenery. By choosing a winter visit to a national park, you’re sure to avoid some of those crowds and truly experience the majesty of your surroundings.

2. A New Experience

            While most people can say they’ve gone on a road trip with their family, complete with cramped seating and whining siblings, how many people can say they’ve hiked the woods and trails of the Grand Tetons transformed by the snows of winter? Rather than settling for the ordinary and predictable, surprise your family with a new and novel experience that will set the stage for amazing memories and family time.

3. Amazing Wildlife

Wildlife in the Grand Teton

Just because you’re choosing to visit during the winter months doesn’t mean you won’t get to see any of the wildlife that the Grand Tetons are famous for. You can still plan on spotting bighorn sheep, bull elk, and other interesting animals as you take your safari around the park. The fact that you’re choosing to experience your tour during the winter just means less people crowding around for that perfect photo opportunity and a unique chance to watch the animals during a different time of year.

4. The Complete Experience

            Finally, a winter safari can be a wonderful option because you can really devote a whole day to experiencing the scenery and wildlife at the parks. Instead of just relying on your old guide book or some information you found online, you can take advantage of a professional tour guide who will be able to teach you about the history of the places you visit, show you the wildlife native to the area, and take you to the best views of the amazing natural scenery. Your guide will be able to give you a day tailored to the needs and interests of your group. Because you’re visiting during the winter, you will probably be able to score a great deal on these tours. During the summer months, prices can often go up as demand increases. For all of these reasons, and more, a winter safari is a great idea for your next family vacation.