Private Grand Teton PM Wildlife Safari

A four hour wildlife safari spent in Grand Teton National Park on your own time with a private guide and private vehicle. For the discerning traveler who enjoys the level of service that a private tour provides, this is the tour for you! Let us customize our Private Grand Teton PM Wildlife Safari to your specific interests and needs. Private tours available every day!

Includes: Guide, vehicle, snacks, drinks, optics. Does not include park entrance fees, or any other incidentals.

Duration Accommodates Pricing
  • 5:00pm-9:00pm
Any size group $700 up to 4 persons
$100 each additional person

Day 1

Tour Itinerary

We are happy to pick you up from your place of lodging anywhere in Jackson or Teton Village. We will make arrangements to meet lodgers staying in outlying areas at a convenient location.

The following is a good example of a 4 hour wildlife safari in Grand Teton National Park, keeping in mind the private safari can be customized to your specific needs.

We generally will start at the south end of Grand Teton and explore the areas more prone to wildlife activity. Our schedule sometimes can vary greatly depending on where wildlife has been congregating, the changing seasons, and various other factors. But a rough outline of our safari may go as follows.

We may find ourselves starting out on Moose-Wilson Rd. a great place for moose and elk sightings. From the north end of Moose-Wilson Road I like to give a look in the Blacktail Ponds, and then potentially make a detour east towards Antelope Flats and Mormon row to view Bison and Pronghorn, eventually heading up to Oxbow Bend, Jackson Lake, and Willow Flats Overlook. Maybe further north as well depending on where Grizzly have been sighted, etc.

Upon reaching the north end of our safari we will usually head south along the Teton park road, swinging through Jenny Lake for the potential bear and elk sighting as well.

As we head south we will be looking for Elk on the timberlines, as well as grizzly and black bears on the move. By the time the sun gets too high in the sky we will have returned to Jackson, usually about 9:00pm.

Again this safari itinerary can alter dramatically, but you should get a great idea of what we have in store.