7:30 AM Daybreak Wildlife Scenic Float

Please join us for a relaxing river float on the legendary Snake River. The early morning hours affords us some of the best opportunities to view those large mammals such as moose and elk. Bald eagles are always a sight on the water, as well as river otter, the elusive beaver, and many fantastic bird species as well. With the Teton Range as a backdrop, plan on an unforgettable 2 hours on the water!

Includes: Guide, boat, safety equipment, waters and cola.

Duration Accommodates Pricing
  • 7:30am-10:30am
Any size group $60 per adult
$35 children 13 yrs and younger

Day 1

Tour Itinerary

Plan on meeting at our headquarters, 165n. Glenwood, Jackson WY, at 7:00am. Departure time to the river will be 7:15am.

A short 15 minute drive will bring us to our departure point, the Wilson Landing, just south of Grand Teton Park.

Some boat preparation will ensue, as well as the donning of lifejackets, and after an initial safety talk we will board the raft. Guests will be seated on the outside pontoons and cross tubes of the raft, with all navigation and propulsion handled by your guide, via a center mounted oar frame.

We will shove off and embark on a two hour, thirteen mile float down the Snake River as our friendly and professional guides share their knowledge of the history, geology, flora, and fauna of this amazing river system. We will have the breathtaking Teton Range as a backdrop for most of the float, as well as the Snake River Range, the Gros Ventre, and Hoback Ranges as well. Keep your eyes peeled as moose sightings are common, as well as elk and deer. I always guarantee a bald eagle or two, as we have over half a dozen nesting pairs on this beautiful stretch of river, not to mention close up views of active eagle nests as well.

We will complete our adventure at Von Gontard’s landing, about 15 minutes south of Jackson. We’ll see you on the river!