Jackson Hole, an iconic valley gently nuzzled on the western edge of Wyoming, contains some of the most beautiful and serene lakes in the United States, true havens for dedicated fly fishermen. But while Jackson Hole may be a year round paradise, finding the right season to go fly fishing can provide you with the most pleasurable and prosperous experience possible.

If you are hoping to travel to Jackson Hole this year with your fly rod and line, make sure to make it there during one of these times for the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Jackson Hole Fly-Fishing

There is no bad time for fly fishing! – Image Source


While you may question the feasibility of fly fishing in April, especially among the snow-capped peaks and frozen valleys that make up most of Jackson Hole, it is truly one of the most wonderful times to fly fish here, largely due to the lack of popularity. Because April 1st is the opening day of the season, individual tourists and tour groups rarely appear, leaving you with your pick of the rivers and streams. During April though, you may find that access to some rivers and lakes will be unavailable, leaving you to stay near the main spots accessible from the entrance.


Though the Green River generally rages throughout the entirety of the spring season, leaving the area devoid entirely of fly fishing enthusiasts, July marks the time when the runoff ends and the season begins, with most dry fly fishing beginning near the middle or end of the month. Additionally, July is the month in which the Snake River clears, leaving it a prime location for anyone with a fly rod. As this is one of the most popular times of the year for fly fishermen though, expect a crowd anywhere you go.


While some people may debate this claim, October provides fly fishing fanatics with some of the best possible locations and catches that Jackson Hole has to offer. Because of the decrease in water level of the Snake River in early October, the fish become more saturated in the water, raising the potential of larger catches and more lucrative days for anyone there. Furthermore, tributaries will be stocked heavily with fish, leaving you with multiple options of where to spend the day. If you do decide to travel to Jackson Hole in October though, be aware that the weather can be entirely unpredictable, and it is best to prepare for virtually anything.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

Jackson Hole has a beautiful landscape. – Image Source

All Throughout the Year

If you are unsure about when to travel to Jackson Hole for a fly-fishing vacation, then you may do best by enlisting in the services of a qualified tour guide. Although you may be able to find pleasant fly-fishing throughout all four seasons, a good tour guide will show you exactly where to go for the best experience at that time of the year.

As a fly fishing enthusiast, it is important to find the best time and location possible to fit your needs. And if you are ready for breathtaking scenery paired with unmatched fly-fishing, take a trip to Jackson Hole this year for a vacation you will never forget.