When it comes to vacation options, there’s something to please everyone. From a family trip to a theme park, to a tour around Europe, to a road trip cross country—the possibilities are endless. If you enjoy getting out into nature and experiencing the beauty of the wilderness, you might want to consider heading to the Snake River. Located in the northwestern area of the United States, this river is a treat for any outdoor enthusiast.

Snake River Floats

Source – The Snake River is one of the beautiful and scenic rivers in North America.

What’s the Best Way to Experience the Snake River?

There are many ways to explore this beautiful area. You can hike around the river, or take a scenic drive. However, one of the best ways to experience the river is to hire a professional guide to float you down the river. As opposed to something like white water rafting, your float tour will take place on a calm section of water. You will be able to sit back, relax, and take in the surroundings. A float of this type is safe and a great idea for families with children. Make sure you plan your float through a professionally licensed tour group. You will be floating within a protected area and, as such, there are rules and regulations that must be followed.

When is the Best Time to Float the Snake River?

If you’re considering a float trip along the Snake River, plan on going during the summer months. June through September are considered the best months for this kind of activity. Once winter hits, the temperature and icy conditions do not allow for floats. Spring on the river means cold temperatures, and high muddy water. Wait until the summer and you will be safer and more comfortable. If you can, try to book a float tour in the early morning hours or early evening. These are the best times to see wildlife.

What Can I Expect From My Float Tour?

Although there is no guarantee about what you will see on your float tour, since it all depends on weather and what the local wildlife is up to, there are some things you can count on. First of all, plan for a relaxing trip. This isn’t a fast-paced adventure ride. If you’re looking for that kind of experience, consider rafting elsewhere on the river. A float tour is a wonderful opportunity to just soak in your surroundings and enjoy the beauties of nature. During your float, you’ll be surrounded by views of the Grand Teton mountain range and you will most likely get to see some great wildlife, too. Moose, otter, and many varieties of birds make this kind of trip a delight.

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Source – A typical sunset over the Snake River.


If you’re craving a trip into the great outdoors, a guided float tour on the Snake River might be the perfect fit. A tranquil ride down calm sections of the river will glide you through majestic scenery and get you close to wonderful wildlife. Make sure you plan your trip during the summer months for the optimal experience. It’s sure to be a trip you won’t soon forget.