Those interested in fly and reel fishing, boating, and simply spending time enjoying the serenity of the water may find virtually endless pleasure in the wonders that exist on the peaceful Snake River.

But if you are a fishing, boating, or natural water enthusiast, you may be curious as to what the Snake River offers that is missing from the other brooks and streams that laze through the entire United States.

Truthfully though, this attitude may keep you away from one of the country’s most unbelievable locations though, as the following few reasons make the Snake River a top destination for anyone looking to have the vacation of a lifetime.

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Massive Expanse

Whether you want to visit Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, or even parts of Washington, the Snake River will still be there to guide you, as it creeps gently through large portions of each of these four states. And while you may find peace in its stretches in the Pacific Northwest, you will still be surprised by the beauty and mystery it holds throughout its entire course.

Salmon Fishing

During your visits to lakes and rivers in the United States, you may have become accustomed to catching freshwater trout, sturgeon, and even the occasional eel. But while you may have enjoyed the experience you had, as well as the taste of your yield, neither is comparable to the quality of fish you will find in the reaches of the Snake River. Salmon, one of the species native to this area, still swims in plentiful numbers under the surface, although pools are nowhere near as large as they use to be. That being said, any recreational or sport fishing enthusiast will find pleasure in the ability to catch freshwater salmon, a declining rarity across the country.

Animals of All Sorts

Of course, part of enjoying a vacation to the Snake River is reveling in the possibility of encountering wildlife, both in and out of the water. And for those that wish to surround themselves with animals of all sorts, the Snake River wilderness is the perfect place to be. It is home to the largest variety of fauna in the lower United States, and is a haven for any individuals hoping to surround themselves with the wildlife in nature.

World Class Whitewater Rafting

Although there are multiple spots along the majestic Snake River that sweep along lazily through wide expanses, certain areas crash and fall through canyons, creating an intense arena for whitewater rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. Beginners can try their skills on the Class I rapids, while more advanced watercraft users can test their abilities against the more difficult Class III rapids that can be found along the course. Additionally, there are a plethora of skilled and qualified raft guides available to make sure you are in good hands as you float downstream.

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Enjoy the Wonders of the Snake River

If you are looking to spend some time on the water for your next vacation, the Snake River may hold the keys to the vacation of a lifetime. And whether you are looking for incredible fly-fishing, breathtaking sceneries, or even losing yourself within acres of peaceful wilderness, the Snake River has everything you need to enjoy quality time inside on of the most beautiful natural paradises in the United States.