Fishing In Yellowstone and Surrounding Areas

Snake River Fishing

Location: In Jackson Hole, 10 minutes W from Jackson, WY.

This is our classic Cutthroat trout fishery, a high volume, and braided river. The Snake River sports the Fine Spotted Snake River Cutthroat trout, a subspecies of the Yellowstone Large Spotted Cutthroat trout, or the Yellowstone Cutthroat. The Snake River hosts almost exclusively Fine Spotted Cutthroat, with the slim chance of catching a brown trout. We have seen about a dozen brown trout in as many years. The Snake River is famous for its dry fly fishing, especially for the cutthroats likelihood of coming to the surface for large insect patterns, namely stone flies and grasshoppers.

snake river fishing

Salt River Fishing

Location: Star Valley, WY, 50 45 minutes S from Jackson, WY.

This gem of a low volume river winds its way through the farmland of Star Valley WY, about a 45 minute drive from Jackson. A unique river, large enough to float a drift boat, but with all of the added adventure floating through farm land entails. From diversion channels, low bridges, ancient car wrecks, and live electric fencing, the Salt River is always an adventure. The fishing is also fantastic, commonly hosting Yellowstone, Fine Spotted, and Bonnevile Cutthroat trout, the dry fly fishing can be fantastic! The real draw to the Salt comes in Mid-October as the brown trout that typically reside in Palisades reservoir make their annual voyage up to Salt River to Spawn. These brown’s commonly grow over 20 inches and are a blast to hook up!

salt river fishing

Green River Fishing

Location: Upper Green River Basin, Daniel, WY. 1.25 hrs SE from Jackson, WY

Maybe the most technically demanding river we visit, but the payoffs are worth it with 24+ inch trout holding under banks and in riffles. Hooking them up is only the beginning as their sheer strength forces us to use every trick in the book to land these beasts. A season’s best Brown, Rainbow, or even Cutthroat trout is the reason we make the 1.25 hr drive out of Jackson for the Green River.

green river fishing

New Fork River

Location: Pinedale, WY. 1.5 hrs SE from Jackson, WY

On the other side of Pinedale, WY we go deep into the gas patch in search of record Brown Trout. The New Fork river oxbows its way through cattle and gas country, maybe it’s the methane seeping from the wells but the chance at the Brown trout of a lifetime awaits on the New Fork. We will catch multiple Browns, Rainbows, and Cutthroat, but be ready to set that Brown that you will measure all future Brown trout against.

Yellowstone National Park

Location: Yellowstone National Park. 1.5 hrs N or Jackson, WY.

There are too many waters to list in Yellowstone, the fish vary as greatly as the rivers themselves. From our native Yellowstone Cutthroat on the Yellowstone River to beautiful Brown and Rainbow trout on the Madison, we will have a chance to catch most fish species within Yellowstone Park. To cast for trout while feeling in your very boots (literally) the immense power of an erupting geyser nearby, or to look a Bison in the eye as he ambles by your run, you will truly be immersed in what made Yellowstone the world’s first national Park.

yellowstone fishing

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