Not everyone is an angler or fisherman, but to those who are, fly fishing is a challenge and endeavor worthy of passion, devotion, and love. There are many fly fishing “hot spots” around the country – both known and secret. However, for the pure joy of fly fishing, it is hard to beat Jackson Hole, WY and the Snake River.

Jackson Hole Fly FishingAbout Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole is most often used to describe the valley at roughly 6,200 feet in elevation that lies between 2 mountain ranges. The Gros Ventres mountain range is on the east, and the Tetons are on the west. The Snake River cuts the valley in half. The valley rises in elevation as it extends northward to intersect with Yellowstone National Park’s volcanic uplift.

About the Snake River

At the south end of the valley, (approximately 10 miles south of Jackson Hole city proper) the valley slams into the north end of Snake River Canyon. Snake River Canyon is where most of the summer time recreational activities, such as whitewater rafting, occur. The Snake River and Jackson Hole, WY are a popular summer destination for many a vacationer.

The Snake River is well known as a phenomenal fishery for anglers and fly fishers of all skill levels. The Snake River fish population is considered very healthy. One of the most abundant fish in the Snake River is the native Snake River Finespot Cutthroat Trout. Fish in the Snake River vary in size, ranging from an average size of 8in. to 14in. Many fish on the river, however, exceed the 16in. range with even a surprisingly large fish population 20in. and above. The plentiful fish allow beginning fly fishers great opportunity to hook and land trout of all sizes, while the more experienced angler is given the opportunity to catch “the big ones”.

Fishing the Snake River near Jackson Hole, WY

Snake River Fly FishingMost people consider the 80 miles of the river between Palisades Reservoir and the Jackson Lake Dam to be the extent of the Jackson Hole area fishable zone. It is said that one of the greatest joys and most majestic of views a fly fisher can experience is the 35 mile stretch of the Snake River that runs through Grand Teton National Park. The river at the lower end of the valley is also a sought after fishing spot, as the bounty of fish practically guarantees that no angler will leave empty handed.

Fishing from a drift boat is considered the most productive method of fishing the Snake, but the river also affords easy wading access at numerous points along the banks. The Snake is a joy to fish throughout most months of the year, with the summer months being the height of the season. Even into September and autumn, the water from the Jackson Lake Dam continues to flow naturally out of the lake.

Fly fishing on the Snake River is one of the true joys in life, and one of the many wonderful experiences to be had year-round in Jackson Hole, WY. With an abundance of fish, including Cutthroat Trout, anglers of all skill levels will enjoy the challenge of fly fishing, the bounteous recreation, and the amazing views, while fly fishing in Jackson Hole ,WY.