Fly fishing is as high reaching as it sounds. It involves angling the fishing rod and attaching a fly to its end, in a way that fishes are attracted to it. This is not just an unthinking pastime, it is for the contemplative man who wants to put technique into fishing and think before he makes a move. Such a careful sport is best played at Jackson Hole, WY. It is touted by people to be the fishing mecca, with the very best trout streams and huge mountain lakes. It is friendly for the experienced and the under experienced.

Guidance for Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fishing guides are essential for fly fishing in Jackson Hole. It is host to some of the most diverse fly fishing in the lower 48 states. Snake River, engulfed by the Grand Teton mountain range is breathtaking to look at and even more magnificent to fly fish at. But fly fishing is not that simple. It needs to be practiced and perfected. It can be done by almost anyone who can stand or sit and fish but needs proper guidance. Fly fishing guides will not fish with you or for you. They will facilitate you with all the training and confidence you might need to get comfortable with the fishing rod and identifying which bait to feed when. Finding a guide who can take you through the snake river and still let you be the master of your own fishing rod and arena, is a tricky thing. But we will list some of the experienced guides who can help guide you during that training wheel period and lead you to be a perfect fly-fisher, while helping you enjoy an amazing family vacation.

Boots Allen

A third generation fishing guide, Allen’s family and himself have contributed widely and generously to the fly fishing practice and community at Jackson. Boots is well known for his creative dry flies and streamers and has developed patterns for Umpqua Feather Merchants and the Orvis Company. His passion for fishing and guiding has taken him to some of the furthest reaches that a rod can take an individual. Boots can guide you and your family to a 24 to 30 lb fish. Boots also co-produces documentary films and writes articles in several fly fishing magazines.

Tim Smith

Smith is a natural at the art of fly fishing. He was born in Texas but was pulled by his fly fishing calling to Wyoming. He owned a fly shop which he sold a few years ago to become a full-time fly fishing guide.

Lucas Donaldson

If there were anyone made to do this, it had to be Donaldson. He caught his first fish when he was a young lad of 5. He has been with Jackson hole, where he was raised, for eight seasons. He can guide both beginners as well as experts.

Ben Miller

Nothing can beat experience and Miller has years of it. He prides himself in being a kind of teacher to several students, young and old. He is an avid fly tier and has chased fish across the world. He can oar and find big fish in a noisy river with ease.