When floating down a river there are numerous safety and precautions that must be learned before taking on such a wonderful adventure. Having a guide along for these trips helps by making sure you enjoy yourself without being a danger to yourself or the people you are rafting with. Safety and preparation are key elements when floating down a river.

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When meeting with your guide for the time, typically people are given a rafting orientation. This orientation explains how you sit in a raft and where, the best way to hold on to keep people in the raft and of course the safety precautions that must be met.

A typical first timer isn’t aware of exactly how floating down river works completely. There is usually stops at scenic areas, hiking for many hours, swimming time, also learning bits of geology. A trained and professional guide help guide through these areas, make sure it’s safe and that the activities being done are incredibly fun at the same time.

Typically when rafting most people camp near the river. A guide will have taught you and demonstrated how to put cots and tents up, while at the same time helping if necessary. This is important especially for a first timer as the guide will be able to explain why it’s best to camp at one place rather than another. For many first timers this guide will also be cooking meals for everyone and at the same time helping take down the camp.

There are many flat water areas that allow anyone to just relax and slowly go down a river, however there are other places that have intense rapids that require special training and knowledge of any given area at all times. While a guide helps navigate through easy areas, they are also well trained in the intense areas and help keep people safe and sound.

The benefits of having a guide are many but the best one is of course for last. There are no decisions to be made on a trip like this; there are no worries, no connection to anything but the beautiful natural architecture of the areas surrounding the river. Between the canopy of stars at night, to the intense thrill of rafting down a river whether it be light to extreme, having a guide keeps any one person from having to worry about anything. Exploring the areas around the river that have a long history is also extremely helpful to get through while having a guide.

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Being a first timer going down a river may seem scary at first, but having a professional guide along for the ride makes the fear that may comes along with rafting go away. The guide not only helps you through this experience, but also cooks for in most cases and makes this an actual vacation that you can enjoy, rather than stress like most of us do. Guides are professionally trained and have the knowledge to get you through a trip going down a river much more smoothly than attempting it on your own.