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About Tetons Floats

Teton Floats offers visitors to the Yellowstone Valley a unique opportunity to explore this untamed region through a wide variety of Yellowstone Tour options that our guide service provides. Teton Floats has been in business for many years with the sole intent of providing high quality tours in Yellowstone and the surrounding area for a reasonable price. Come join us on one of our many adventures that will create long lasting memories you’ll embrace for many years to come. All of our Yellowstone Tour Guides are professional and very knowledgeable about this region and the experiences they provide our guests.

Teton Floats offers Guided Tours that depart from Cody Wyoming, Gardiner Montana, West Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole. Teton Floats’ Guided Adventures will show you the most amazing features of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole Wyoming. We invite you to join us for an exciting day of Snake River Rafting, Yellowstone Guided Fishing, and Yellowstone Scenic Float Trips.

We offer Park Tours throughout Yellowstone that will take you to visit Old Faithful Geyser, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone River, Fountain Paint Pots, Mud Volcano, and Yellowstone Lake. We offer Park Tours in Grand Teton that will take you to incredible natural lands that are teeming with wildlife. These park tours offer an opportunity to see Moose, Elk, Bison, Pronghorn Sheep, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Wolves, and Deer.

Our Guided Tour Company offers incredible Yellowstone Daybreak Wildlife Floats, Snake River Family Lunch Floats Or Relaxing Sunset Floats with your favorite bottle of wine. You can also choose our highly popular Yellowstone Float, Fish, and Tour Package. Our expert Yellowstone fishing & Yellowstone rafting guides will take you through the incredible Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks to experience the natural wonders and excitement that make this region so enchanting.

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Where We Float

We float all our float trips on the South Park section of the Snake River.  This is a 13 mile section of scenic, braided (many channels) river situated just 15 minutes from Jackson and Teton Village  and about 6 miles south of Grand Teton National Park, taking out about 15 minutes south of Jackson.

Our floats will operate just outside of Grand Teton Park, but still within the Wild and Scenic Snake River Watershed.  The river stretch we float technically does float through private land, but up to 90% of the corridor has been protected through conservation easements and conservation trusts, allowing for minimal development.  These conservation efforts have allowed the South Park stretch to become one of the richest riparian areas in the valley.

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What We See

The South Park stretch of the Snake River has the highest concentration of nesting Bald Eagles of any stretch of river in Jackson Hole.  Eagles are guaranteed on any float trip as well as eagle nests, we will be able to spot at least three during the summer, up to six before the leaves come in.  Other birds are common such as Osprey, Heron, Sandhill Cranes, various Hawk species, White Pelican, Comorans, Merganser, and many more.

The South Park stretch is also home to numerous large ungulates such as Moose, Elk, and Deer.  Moose sightings are very common whereas Elk are seen more seasonally.  Beavers and Otters are also commonly spotted on the river as well.

The scenery will also not be overlooked as we will have Grand Teton Views for most of the Float, as well as views of the Snakes, Gros Ventre, and Hoback Range as well.

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Boat Capacity

We generally will have up to 12 persons per raft, but can go up to 14 if you have a large party or function.  We can handle any size group of course with multiple rafts.

We cater to your requests and will always ensure safety.

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Age Limits

We generally will go as young as 4 yrs old in the summer months, with an increase in minimum age once spring hits with higher water volume.  Inquire seasonally.  No maximum age.  No weight limit.

For children younger than 4 we will book those parties a private boat, but do to the fussy nature of very young children we cannot include an infant or toddler when riding with another group.  A private boat is no problem as everyone knows each other.

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We will generally pick our customers up from their place of lodging 15 minutes before trip time, given they are staying within Jackson or Teton Village.  If coming in from an outlying area we do have the option of meeting at our headquarters here:

165n. Glenwood ST., Jackson WY, 83001.

We will usually head directly to the river from their pickup location, about 15 minutes out, spend two hours on the water, and then about a 15 minute ride back to Jackson, about 25 minutes back to Teton Village.

This is a three hour time commitment most times of the year, with about two hours spent on the water.  Add 45 minutes for the lunch float, for time to picnic on the beach.

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Our Location

Teton Floats

P.O. Box 3854
Jackson, WY 83001
Local: (307) 413-4464

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Specialized Adventures!

Bus Tours!
Have at-least 50 people in your party? We provide professional bus tours which are just perfect for any scenic float.
Wedding Parties

Jackson Hole is a wonderful host to any wedding. We provide scenic floats, drinks mixers, and a fun atmosphere which is always a great way to break the ice and get to know the extended family.

Bring your entire family for a fun filled adventure as our Teton tour guides animate you with their stories, excitement, and family fun.
Corporate Meetings & Conferences

Ready for a business getaway! Bring the office for a fun filled adventure where the crew can enjoy a scenic float while getting everyone out of their shells. Bring your beer and wine to create an even more exciting mixer!

Certification Details

All equipment is modern and custom designed specifically for scenic floating on the Snake River.  All lifejackets are in new condition, clean and odor free.  All our guides are trained professionals holding at least basic first aid and CPR certifications, some even WOFR certified.  Vehicles are clean, safe, and late model.