Summer is almost over.  School bells can be heard ringing in the distance.  Kids are wondering where all the time went and wondering if they finally got that nice teacher that everyone loves.  Parents are either dreading their children’s return to school or are excited to finally have the house to themselves again.  Besides the usual anxiety of back to school shopping that’s always associated with the month of August, parents and kids are also looking to have one last “hurrah” before the summer ends.  Something simple but memorable that can tide them over until summer comes around again.

Teton Floats has provided that last minute but memorable getaway for families all across the country time and time again.  Our tours of Yellowstone National Park give visitors the opportunity to have a truly wonderful travel experience that can literally be found nowhere else.  From fly fishing the ancient waters of Jackson Hole to synchronizing watches at Old Faithful, Teton Floats showcases the best that Yellowstone has to offer.

One of the most exciting features of Yellowstone that Teton Floats is able to showcase like none other is the thousands of Bison that roam freely throughout the park.  Every year during the late fall, the Bison leave the park for the winter season.  Recently, the Bison acquired a bit of fame for leaving the park during the first snow fall of the year.  In what turned out to be a hoax, footage of the Bison during their annual migration, along with earthquake reports, was used as evidence that the parks dormant volcano was showing signs of eminent eruption.

Yellowstone Seismic Activity

Yellowstone is subject to frequent seismic activity throughout the year, but the Bison are used to that and it in no way was the cause of them leaving the park.  The primary reason the Bison were leaving then, and will leave again soon, is for better grazing grounds during the winter. Through all of the persistent rumors, there was never even a slowdown of guests visiting the hot springs at Dragon Mouth or the mud baths that surround the volcano.

The few remaining weeks of summer will be your family’s last opportunity to come and see the Bison and other majestic wildlife before they begin their annual fall migrations.  During our wildlife safari tours of the park, you will see Bison and their spring calves as they graze near Antelope Flats, Grizzly Bears fishing in Jenny Lake, Pronghorns at the Willow Flats Overlook, and so much more!  The wildlife safaris are available both during the day and at night.

teton volacano hoax

When kids go back to school and catch up with friends, stories of summer adventures spill from their mouths in attempts to see who did the coolest thing.  “I threw up on a roller coaster.”  “I went to camp and weaved a basket.”  “We were stuck in a car with my parents for hours.”  Then, with full confidence, your kids can say to their friends “I watched a heard of Bison run across prairie plains while American Bald Eagles soared above them.”

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